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Root Canals - Austin TXIf you’ve ever had a severe tooth infection, you know the discomfort it can cause. In fact, a severe tooth infection can be the root of all sorts of problems, including:

Abscesses | Frequently if a tooth infection becomes severe, it can cause abscesses to form in the gums near the effected tooth.

Discomfort | Feelings of achiness or discomfort can be caused by tooth infections, and the more severe the infection, often the more severe the discomfort is.

Swelling | Having a severe tooth infection can result in gum swelling around the effected tooth which can lead to other issues. Most often the swelling occurs near the base of the trouble tooth.

Chronic Toothaches | Often if a tooth is battling a severe tooth infection it can result in a chronic, or reoccurring toothache.

Having a severe tooth infection is no laughing matter, and in the past often resulted in the troubled tooth being extracted. Thankfully there is another option besides tooth extraction thanks to a modern dental technology called root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy–also known as a root canal–is designed to help remove infected tissue in your tooth so that you can get back on the path to having great oral health. With a root canal our team will carefully remove the infected or decayed pulp inside the tooth, and then gently clean and seal the tooth. In many cases after this is complete a crown may be necessary to help protect your tooth further.

Root canals have been a fantastic treatment method to help patients deal with severe tooth infections and return to a better standard of oral and overall health. We are proud to be able to offer this treatment option to our patients as we have seen what a difference a root canal treatment can make for those suffering from severe tooth infections. Have any questions about root canals or any of our other treatments? Contact our team today!

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