Restorative Dentistry

Mature romantic coupleIf you have ever lost a tooth, or multiple teeth you know that tooth loss can be a great source of personal anguish. Having missing teeth can make you smile less, lose speaking ability, and in many cases decrease your ability to continue eating the foods you love.

Our dental team do not want to our patients to suffer from tooth loss, and with his team he works hard to provide up-to-date and effective restorative dentistry services so that his patients can reclaim their smiles.

Some of the restorative dentistry services that we provide at Westlake Dentistry include:

Dental bridges | If you have a few missing teeth, a dental bridge or a partial denture can be a fantastic way to help fill in the gap. Our dental bridges are made of high quality materials, and are made to look and feel like natural teeth.

Dental crowns | A dental crown is one of the ultimate tools of any dental practice, and at Westlake Dentistry we are proud to offer high quality, durable porcelain crowns that are both beautiful and functional.

30Full Mouth Reconstruction | If you have lost a number of teeth – or even all of your them – do not worry. We have the training necessary to provide full mouth reconstruction services, so that you can get your smile back.

Bone grafting | If you have lost teeth in the past it can often result in eventual bone loss and jaw deterioration. If at one point you determine that you could be interested in restoring your smile, sometimes it is necessary to receive bone grafts to support reconstruction. At Westlake Dentistry we offer bone grafting services to help our patients regain some of the strength they may have lost.

Restorative dentistry has helped countless patients to restore functionality and beauty in their smiles, and we are proud to offer restorative services to our patients who need them. Have any questions for us about our restorative dentistry services? Contact our team today!

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