Dental Technology

As a part of our commitment to providing outstanding dental care to all of our patients, we utilize a number of technologies that help us give you better care every visit.

Among the technologies our team use are:

Auto Appointment Reminders | It’s hard to get the dental care you need if you don’t make it in for your visit – this is why we utilize auto appointment reminders. Our auto appointment reminder system will get in touch with you in advance so that you know when your appointment is, without the fuss.

Electronic Claims | By utilizing electronic claims, our team can make sure that we maximize both the efficiency of sorting your claims for your dental visits and utilize your dental insurance benefits quicker and more effectively.

Digital X-rays | Digital x-rays make it so that we can better diagnose problem areas, and truly get to the root of dental issues quicker and more efficiently. Digital x-rays are essentially instantaneous and do not require film development like x-rays of the past.

Intra-oral Camera | When it comes to oral cancer, we provide state-of-the-art technology to detect it in the earliest stage possible. The earlier the cancer is identified, the higher the survival rate, and an intra-oral camera allows for advanced detection. An intra-oral camera goes inside of the mouth to take high-quality photos of all of the tissues and structures of the mouth. With this efficient camera, we can see signs of cancer much earlier than we could with ordinary cancer detection methods.

Panoramic X-rays | With panoramic x-rays we can get a grand scale idea of your overall dental situation so that we can better treat you with long term oral health in mind.

Paperless Charting | In the past, dental charts meant a lot of time consuming paperwork that was harder to show patients what treatments they were receiving. Thankfully, the days of paper charting is over, because there are now digital solutions available. Using paperless charting, we can keep better track of problem areas, treatment plans, and be able to show you exactly what treatments we have in mind.

Catch Cavities with Spectra | We can catch tooth decay earlier than ever with Spectra. Spectra is a device that utilizes fluorescent LED blue lights to identify and measure cavities. The device can inform our dentists about the threat level and bacteria type of the cavity so that he can provide you with proper treatment. Spectra allows us to treat our patients more effectively so that they can enjoy freedom from the effects of tooth decay.

These wonderful technologies truly help us to provide better care to our patients and their families. Our dental team constantly look for new technologies to make each and every visit with Westlake Dentistry more effective and more comfortable.

Have questions for us about the technologies we offer at Westlake Dentistry? Contact our team today!

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