Dental Implants

implantsIf you’ve ever lost a tooth, you may already know that in the past there weren’t many treatments that could be considered permanent solutions for tooth loss. Of course, dental bridges have existed for a long time in the dental industry, but many dental bridges require work or replacement over time. Thankfully, due to modern dental technology, we can now offer a permanent tooth replacement solution for our patients who would like to fill in the gaps caused by tooth loss.

This wonderful dental technology is called a dental implant. A dental implant is a special titanium alloy rod that is anchored into the jawbone where the tooth was lost previously. After the area around the dental implant has healed, our team can then anchor a beautiful porcelain dental crown custom made for the patient on the dental implant, effectively creating a “new” tooth that is functional, beautiful, and durable.

Dental implants have a number of great advantages including:

Strength | Dental implants act a lot like your natural tooth roots do. Because of this, a dental implant can provide strength to your jaw, where it has lost support due to the missing tooth. When a tooth is lost your jaw loses some of the support that the tooth root provided, which over time can result in deterioration of the jawbone. By placing a dental implant, you can help return some of the strength that you may have lost.

stock02Permanence | Unlike dental bridges or a number of other treatments, dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth, and so long as they are well taken care of they can provide a lifetime of service.

Versatility | Dental implants can be used not only for single tooth replacement, but replacement of multiple teeth too. Whether this is in the form of a bridge anchored by a permanent dental implant, or a set of implant supported dentures, dental implants provide permanent replacement situations for those who need them.

Our team has been excited to see what a difference dental implants can make for our patients, and are pleased with all of the outstanding results we see with each successive treatment. Have questions for us about dental implants, or any of the other services that we can provide to your and your family? Contact our team today!

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